Assistant Professor

Solid Earth Physics and Computational Geoscience Group 

Niels Bohr Institute
Faculty of Natural Sciences
University of Copenhagen

Location: Geocenter Bldg. 03.1.365
Phones: +45 353-32172

               +45 289-77856

               +49 176-9877-5559

               +1 832 317 6262

Address: Ă˜ster Voldgade 10, 1350 Copenhagen k, Denmark

Emails:  [email protected]

              [email protected]

              [email protected]

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I am interested in computational seismic imaging. 

Besides being a fan of the inverse problems, I employ seismic wave observations to apply a variety of techniques, including tomography, receiver function imaging, moment tensor inversion, and relocation analysis, in addition to shear wave splitting methods.